Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Final Project

I believe that the overall design that I came up with was very eye catching and very interesting, because the colors I used blue, black and white aren't an eye sore and gave a very nice view of each page throughout the website.The first step of my development process was deciding what topic I wanted to focus on and it was very easy for me because I really like golf so I decided to make a website around it.I started with sketches of each page layout and then proceed to come up with a name and logo for my website.Then I proceed to choose what five pages I wanted to focus on within the website.After deciding on what topics I wanted to do I then went and created s style css page.I ran into my first and thankfully only problem which was the font of the text that was being put onto the website wouldn't change but thankfully I fixed the issue.Then I proceeded to get all of my pictures which took awhile because I ended up having 16 photos which then all had to be cited.My next step was researching my topics and putting it into my own words and applying it to my website, after that I found a custom icon to use in my PGA facts site which I believe turned out to be my best page.Then I took picture of my classmate Sebastian Roy who acted as my golf instructor.This was very fun part because I got to use the green screen and adventure with photo shop.Lastly I cited all of my photos and everybody who was involved with the making of this website.Overall I learned a lot from this project for example using photo shop in a more advanced way and expanding my knowledge with style css pages.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Biography Post

To get started I researched people who I thought were gonna be interesting to learn about and really go into depth and research.A few problems that I ran into was uploading the files such has the style.css and pictures to x10. I solved these by getting help and making sure my coding was all right.I believe that the best part of my project was the layout I used and the colors I used and the background pictures and and educational information I put in which will give a viewer a great idea of who Michael Jordan is.Overall I am very proud about how this project came out and would love to do another biography with another famous person.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Leading Lines

The way I used the leading lines for the picture of the basketball at the bottom of the stairs, was that the arm railing is leading a line all the way down to the basketball.I thought this was a very creative way to show the leading lines.The picture of the basketball on the floor of the hardwood is leading lines because the gaps in between the wooden floor are leading up to the basketball.Overall I believe these photos came out really well and show the leading lines very well.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Rule of Thirds

For the the two photos of the golfer I decided to focus on the left third and the right third, and for the photo of the frog I decided to use the bottom third because I believe it gave a very interesting point of view when observing.I overall believe that these photos came out really well because it shows the principles of the rule of thirds and the shadows that appeared throughout all three photos gave off a very nice extra effect to the photos.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Point of View

The reason why I picked the tea pot was because it caght my eye as something very interesting to take pictures of.When taking my pictures I really tried to reflect the sun light onto the tea pot to give it an more extravigant look.I decided to use these three images because they not only came out the best, but I like the look throughout the backround to.For example picture three has a nice view of the trees in the back.Overall point of view photos bring life to diffrent types of objects and makes them look a lot better.